Revolution without ego

What if someone – Allah or Krishna or whomever – could say to you, I can give you the revolution you are asking for, but you will not get to lead it.  It will not bring you, personally, any special political power or social prestige, not even the moral affirmation of being an unusually good person. I can give you the revolution, but you won’t direct it, you won’t control it, and in fact you will feel rather uncomfortable and out of place in the world it creates.  That world will be radically egalitarian, and as such all the hard work you have done on behalf of the revolution will not earn you any special esteem from anyone. Of course you will have friends and family and loved ones, as will everyone. You will have the freedom to fulfill your creative capacities, as will everyone. You will not be in any way special or unique, except in the sense that all human beings are special and unique to themselves and to those who love them personally.  You will have to give up one thing and one thing only: your egotism. But you will have to give this up utterly. Would you still want that revolution?

I would like to think that I would take that bargain, that I am taking it already in my day to day life, a little bit at a time. But I know I find it excruciating to give up my egotism. Even in writing this little essay, I am busy patting myself on the back for my own cleverness.

What thoughts do you have?

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