About me

Web: http://ryerson.ca/sociology
Twitter: @theoristPowell

In this age of globalization, as our individual futures become joined into a collective human future, building a global society that provides real human freedom, equality, and social justice will require new paradigms for understanding social relations. In search of these new paradigms, I have been working along three lines of investigation: violence, knowledge, and cooperation.

My past work on violence has argued that many genocides are a systemic by-product of the expansion of Western civilization. I propose that economies of shame operate within sovereign states, organizing individual identity and collective power relations into relations of oppression.

In the sociology of knowledge, I use relational sociology to investigate the social relativity of truth and the implications of this relativity for the polycultural decolonization of the modern world.

My future research on cooperation will use network analysis and game theory to examine the structural dynamics of cooperative decision-making in socialist, anarchist, and feminist experiments in radical democracy.

On this blog, I try to keep pure opinion to a minimum, but all posts have a heavy element of informed guesswork, interpretation, and intuitive leaps. I’m using these posts to wrestle with ideas, so please don’t consider anything I write as authoritative. If my arguments appeal to you, great; if you find them insightful or useful, even better! But it’s all a work in progress.

What thoughts do you have?

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